Betting on various competitions is as popular among gambling enthusiasts in Burkina Faso as slot machines. Today, with the development of the video game industry, it is possible to bet not only on regular sports, but also on cyber sports. You can even predict cyber sports outcomes from your mobile device – all you need is a 1win apk download.

What Is Cyber Sports Betting At 1win App

Betting on cybersports in the 1win app is similar to sports betting. The point is to correctly predict the events associated with a certain competition. However, in cyber sports, the competition is not held in a real stadium, but in a computer game.

When placing a cyber sports bet, the user can select the markets that suit him in terms of odds, specify the size of the bet. The potential winnings depend on the quotes and the amount bet. For example, if you bet 1000 XOF on a market with odds of 2, the prize will be equal to 2000 francs. If an express bet with several markets is placed, the quotes are multiplied by each other.

Available Cyber Sports Disciplines In The 1win App

Using the 1win app Burkina Faso, it is possible to predict outcomes in a wide variety of computer games. The most popular video games among West African users are:

  • StarCraft 2 is the sequel to the famous strategy game, which became one of the reasons for the formation of the cybersports industry. The matches on the video game gather a huge number of spectators and even more bets.
  • Counter-Strike – shooter is not just a video game, but a real cultural achievement. The popularity of the shooter among bettors is due to the continuous series of professional competitions, increased sporting integrity, and simple format of tournaments.
  • Dota 2 is a MOBA game that needs no special introduction. This cyber sports discipline is known for the largest series of tournaments in the history of the industry, the best prizes for cyber athletes.

You can bet on other video games as well. For example, bettors can predict the outcomes in Valorant, League of Legends.

Rainbow Six betting odds are also available. The tactical first-person shooter takes a deep strategic approach to the usual 5-on-5 confrontation. It is also possible to predict the outcomes in Fortnite. The game is famous for its large number of players, interesting sponsorships, large tournaments. It is due to the competitions that Fornite became popular among bettors.

Features Of Cyber Sports Betting In The 1win App

eSports Betting Tips and Strategies for Success on 1win

The cyber sports betting available after installing 1win apk BF has its own peculiarities. One of them is the greater unpredictability of results compared to regular sports. Favourites can show poor results in small scale competitions.

Cybersports betting is also influenced by the peculiarities of the video game industry. The fact is that computer games are often updated, which can imbalance the balance of power. This allows the outsiders to show real sensations, beating the favourites.

The map on which a particular competition takes place is also important. Each team in Counter-Strike, for example, has its own favourite and un-favourite maps. Because of this, the performance of the athletes varies.

The probability of contract games in cyber sports is higher than in regular sports. This is especially true when it comes to regional championships, where not the most famous cyber athletes participate.

Markets In Cyber Sports Match Listings

By installing the 1 win apk, the bettor will have access to a wide range of lineups. The following cyber sports marquees are most often found in them:

  • The outcome is a bet on the team that will win the match;
  • Total – you can predict the total number of cards, rounds, other indicators;
  • Handicap – bettor bets on the advantage or lag of a certain participant by the number of won cards, kills, other productive actions.

Also in cyber sports, as in regular sports, additional markets are found. Such markets are unique to certain cyber sports disciplines. For example, in Dota 2 and League of Legends, you can predict which team will draw first blood. In Counter-Strike, it is possible to predict which squad will win the pistol round.

Recommendations For Betting On Cyber Sports On The 1win App Or Platform

To increase the probability of getting winnings for cyber sports bets placed after installing 1win apk, certain recommendations should be taken into account. The bettor should bet only on those video games in which he understands. It is necessary to understand the peculiarities of the cyber sports discipline, maps, gameplay.

The Need For Analytics

Before making a prediction, it is useful to spend time on analytics. It is necessary to study statistical data from previous competitions using the 1win app or by visiting specialised websites.

Live streaming should not be ignored. By watching the video broadcasts, the live bettor can get a better idea of how the match is developing. This makes it possible to make the most accurate predictions.

Emotional Balance

When a bettor makes a bet, he should not give in to emotions, personal sympathies, general excitement. You need to think carefully, carefully weighing your own decision. The fact that the lineup is well known, does not guarantee a win. Favourites usually play at full strength in those championships where there is a large prize money. In competitions with small prize money, they can test new tactics and teach new members of the team.

Utilisation Of Strategies

Use existing strategies. For example, you can bet on a promising underdog, choosing the right matches. Among those who make live predictions in Burkina Faso, the strategy of betting on the losing favourite is popular.

Install 1win apk Android to get busy making cyber sports predictions. If the bets are winning, the payout can be received as soon as possible after the application is made in your personal cabinet.