If you’re a big fan of football betting, you may have heard of “alt passing yards,” which allows you to bet on the passing yards of another team. This type of wager gives you the option to bet on a different line, with a smaller payout, than you would with a standard bet. However, many bettors still wonder what alt passing yards are. To understand alt passing yards, it’s important to understand what a player prop is.

Alternate lines help bettors move below a key number

The use of alternate lines in football betting is quite common, and it can help you move below a key number if you bet on an underdog team. The game between the Seahawks and Packers was an excellent example. Oddsmakers set a competitive line in the game, but the Seahawks failed to convert on a 2-point conversion. This resulted in a 5-point loss for the Seahawks, and bettors who placed bets on the Packers ended up getting a loss.

Alternate lines are particularly helpful in close games with a defensive style. They can help you adjust the line for a narrow margin of victory. While the payout may be smaller, the reduced line will give you more value. It can also help you get a higher payout if you bet on a team that has a good defensive style.

Alternate lines are a player prop

Alternate lines are a great way to add more value to your wager. They are generally offered for point spreads and totals. The value of an alternate line can vary by as much as five points, and they can increase your payout by a lot. These props are particularly popular when betting on football.

Alternate lines for players are not always as accurate as point spreads. For example, the yardage prop for Josh Allen could be set at 276.5 yards, but it could move to 280.5 yards. Similarly, the touchdown line could move up or down. In football betting, the key is to find a team that can target a weak defense. If the Cardinals allow a high number of passing touchdowns, you should avoid them.